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Financing Your RV Vehicle

Using RV Battery Technology

People who are interested in taking an RV trip or purchasing an RV need to be aware of how they work. It is similar to a truck or car owner knowing enough about how their vehicles operate and what they need to continue functioning well.

RV’s have two batteries, just the way a yacht or boat made for multi-night travel normally does. The conventional battery is similar to the one found in any of these vehicles. It operates the radio, the air conditioning, and other operations that deal with the actual movement of the RV itself.

The Other Battery
The RV, though, has to keep electricity that supply appliances and pumps with energy to work for day-to-day living. That is where the RV battery technology of a deep cycle battery comes into play.

What keeps them lasting long enough to operate the lights while keeping a charge so long has to do with the technology within the battery. They use deep cycle lithium ion batteries. Such a battery plays its role but stays out of the spotlight, unlike a conventional vehicle battery.

They deftly replace older technology, such as the traditional lead acid, gel, or even AGM batteries. Look for lithium iron phosphate for a safe, long-term battery for life.

The real benefit is that the battery is rechargeable. Some batteries may recharge 5,000 times or 5,000 cycles. This means that not an ounce of energy is wasted with the latest RV battery technology. It means that there is a 100 percent depth of the discharge or DDD.

The concern of running out before their time is an especially big concern with lead acid batteries. While they should last approximately 9 years, often they skip out at the two to 4-year marker.

Get better batteries by going with better technology. For about the same price, lithium ion is today’s reliable choice.

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